Importance of Year-End Nonprofit Donations

By Shane Power, President & Ceci West, Chief Marketing & Purpose Officer of Watertree Health

Earlier this year, we expressed our concern about nonprofits potentially losing millions of their annual donations due to the new tax plan taking effect. According to The NonProfit Times, charities are feeling pressure as they struggle to hit projected goals set for 2018. It’s very possible that many nonprofits will have to pull back on their efforts due to the dip in contributions. As we prepare to bring 2018 to an end, we want to emphasize the importance of showing continued financial support of nonprofits for all of the crucial work they do.

Not all superheroes wear capescharities are fighting a selfless fight to help improve the current state of societal issues we face today. Every dollar given to a nonprofit this year is more valuable than you may think. The amount of donations a charity receives in 2018 determines how much they can accomplish in 2019 and beyond. Without our support, that can mean more families going without food, an increased number of animals suffering from mistreatment, an uptick of people suffering from homelessness, and much more.

In order for us to help make changes in our communities, we have to recognize that they will not occur overnight and will not be easy to accomplish. By giving to trusted charities, you will be joining and strengthening their missions to help effect change. You may want to consider giving a recurring monthly donation to a nonprofit. Splitting up a yearly donation into smaller ones may be a more realistic and comfortable financial commitment. Also, nonprofits prefer having an ongoing revenue stream versus wondering if they’re going to get a check at year’s end.

Not sure what charity you want to support? Go to Charity Navigator for assistance. I know providing for yourself and your family comes with financial commitments, but every donation you can makebig or smallmay create a difference in the long run. Together, let’s continue to help influence change in the world through supporting charities for future generations. As always, remember to give with your heart, that’s always your best guide.

Health is proud to support our nonprofit partners, year-round.

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