Watertree Health President Shane Power Joins the Young Presidents’ Organization

By Matthew Herfield, CEO of Watertree Health

I would like to extend a big congratulations to our President Shane Power for being accepted into the Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO)—the premier leadership organization of chief executives in the world. This elite network has over 28,000 global business leaders across 130 countries. Some past and present notable members include Charles R. Schwab, Founder & CEO of Charles Schwab Corporation, Robert Wood Johnson II, president of Johnson & Johnson, Leonard Lauder, former CEO of Estee Lauder, Penny Pritzker, US Secretary of Commerce, and Sheryl Sandberg, COO Facebook.

To qualify for membership, a person must have become, before age 45, the president or chairman and chief executive officer of a corporation of significance with a minimum revenue and a minimum number of employees. I’m sure the organization also recognized Shane as a sterling example of a new breed of successful business leaders who have proven that purpose can help drive profits.

Since joining our company, social responsibility has remained Shane’s core focus and motivation. He’s built a team of community-based representatives who, like him, are passionate about helping their neighbors afford their vital medicines. This has translated into over $700,000,000 in prescription savings and significant revenue growth year over year for the past seven years. That passion has also extended to the nonprofit alliances Shane has forged. Not only is his team responsible for nearly $5,000,000 in donations to Make-A-Wish®, but Shane also serves as Treasurer on the Make-A-Wish Arizona Board of Directors.

According to YPO, its founding principle is based on education and idea-sharing among peers. The organization regularly stages events featuring world-renowned speakers, political figures, athletes, and business gurus. These gatherings offer the opportunity for peer-to-peer networking with some of the world’s greatest leaders, timely guidance in a judgment-free and confidential setting, and meaningful relationships with like-minded thinkers. I’m positive that Shane and his fellow YPO members will greatly benefit from each other’s valuable insights.

We are extremely proud of Shane—his leadership, what he’s been able to accomplish at Watertree Health, and now his YPO membership. His acceptance was more than well deserved!

14 Responses to “Watertree Health President Shane Power Joins the Young Presidents’ Organization

  1. TJ says:

    Hats off to Shane and the entire Watertree family. We help communities and families and pets all by means of affordable prescription savings .
    Continued success and the favorable outcomes for all involved .

  2. Darrell Reeves says:

    Well deserved! Really pleased to see the contributions you are helping to make at Watertree Health and BuzzRx. Keep focused toward the mission!

  3. Tim Shriver says:

    Awesome, congrats Shane.. well deserved.

  4. Rich R. says:

    What a pleasure to watch Shane guide this company to new heights every day in his unselfish manner. He shares his visions and mskes everyone a spool participant in them. A well deserved honor goes to him. 0

  5. Todd Smith says:

    Congratulations on this honor! 😃. We work for a great company and happy to have you at the helm!
    Very best wishes,
    Todd Smith

  6. Valia Michel says:

    Such an amazing accomplishment! Big Congrats to you, well deserved!! Proud to serve and be part of this great organization! 🎉 Felicidades!! 🎉

  7. Shannon Williams says:

    Congratulations to the best motivator I know. Shane is the definition of leadership and integrity, vital assets in an ever changing business. Steering a ship such as Watertree requires strength, patience, tenacity in changing times, and the ability to make those working in the field believe that HARD WORK, patience, and determination will lead to SUCCESS. Thank you, Shane, for not only “talking the talk” but “walking the walk”. It is a privilege to call you our LEADER.

  8. Ron Williams says:

    Congratulations Shane, what an honor. It’s so rewarding to be part of an organization that has true leadership, Inspiration, Vision and true Servant Leadership. Simply Thank you and congrats on this great honor !!

  9. Jeff S says:

    Well deserved!! Congrats Shane!

  10. Ray Winepol says:

    Great Job Shane. What a great accomplishment!!
    When you think YES, and MORE this is what you get!!! Community Leader!!!!!

  11. Paul Katzelnick says:

    Congratulation Shane. It feels great working for a company that really cares!
    I am proud to be part of this organization.

  12. Catherine. Blake says:

    I truly do not believe that anyone can do the job you do. Every time I listen to you, I find myself ready and able to hit the field of stores with a smile on my face. Thank you for you positive voice and encouragement. You truly are a star in our company and I am better for having you as a leader in our company

  13. Stephanie Mack says:

    How awesome! Hats off to Shane!

  14. Trina Burgess says:

    Congratulations Shane!! I am honored to be mentored by you. You’re an inspiration and your passion is clear. I’ve learned discipline, time management, consistency, servant leadership and overall kindness from you. There’s really no one quite like you to lead us daily. Thank you for all you do to pour into each member of our team. I am so looking forward to all of the ways you’ll grow in this organization. Success is not a guarantee which is why you must implement sustained urgency!! I love your urgency to push through growth doors!! Let’s keep rocking together!!

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