Watertree Health MVP Spotlight: Rich Rosen

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Rich Rosen, who lives in Buffalo, NY, is a man whose personal values have led him on several career paths with one thing in common—a deep connection to serving the community and helping people.

Inspired by his father and brother, who were pharmacists, Rich always knew that he wanted to be one too. Pharmacists have always been highly respected for their wealth of health care knowledge and important role in the community. As a pharmacist, Rich innately received his customers with friendly professionalism, always offering the utmost customer service.

Rich spent most of his career working at a range of pharmacies, from small independents to chains, such as CVS and Rite-Aid. He held a variety of roles, and worked his way up the ladder from pharmacist to Regional Manager. His wealth of experience brings to Watertree Health first-hand knowledge of how hard the pharmacists work and the challenges they face.

After years of business success, Rich retired. Being the social, active person he is, it wasn’t long before he wanted to return to work. Lucky for us, that’s when he discovered Watertree Health.

Drawing from a life-long career as a pharmacist, Rich has always felt a deep responsibility for people’s health. Now that he’s on the other side of the counter, he can help people get healthier in a different way—by helping them afford their prescriptions and raising funds for Make-A-Wish®.

“I just love it. If I had to pick something that I could do… Meet people, talk to people, help people–some I even know from working in the pharmacy 15 years ago—this is what I’d be doing. Steve Martin once made a joke… he started singing, and said, ‘I get paid for doing this.’ ”

His director Steve Ruhlman notes, “After talking to Rich for one minute you feel like you have known him forever. He has a very engaging personality and always makes you feel comfortable around him. From the first day that I met him he has been a great help, not only to me, but also to everyone that he has come in contact with.WH_MVP_LOGO_web_small

His personality, warmth, knowledge, compassion, willingness to help, and expertise are an excellent fit with the qualities that we stand for at Watertree Health. Rich is an excellent choice for Watertree Health’s MVP.” 

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4 Responses to “Watertree Health MVP Spotlight: Rich Rosen

  1. Heather OConnell says:

    Having known Rich Rosen for several years, he is the most honest, caring individual that I know.

  2. Brett Rosen says:

    Great Job, Congratulations Dad ! : )

  3. Matthew Hampson says:

    Rich comes into my pharmacy quite often to visit. He’s a genuinely caring and engaging individual and probably one of the nicest I’ve met thus far in the industry

  4. Catherine Blake says:

    I love that you are doing so well. It’s strike for righteousness. You make me proud to be your friend.

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