Watertree Health MVP Spotlight: Marianne King

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mvpMarianne King is a resident of Barnesville, Georgia, who along with her husband of 47 years, are quite active in their community. She and her husband Richard, a former policeman who found his true calling as a pastor, are working to help residents of Barnesville stay healthy. “As a pastor’s wife, I am close to the folks who are part of our church. I hear when things are tough, when someone’s sick and when they are unable to make ends meet,” says Marianne.

In 2012, Marianne found a new way to help her community by joining us at Watertree Health. “Watertree Health was a godsend. I am a self-motivated, good communicator with a passion for helping others,” says Marianne. This made her a perfect fit to help introduce the free prescription discount card to pharmacies and drugstores in her community and other areas around Georgia including Macon, Peachtree City, Riverdale and Fayetteville.

According to several surveys conducted at the start of 2014, Georgia was listed among the top states with the highest number of uninsured, as well as high rates of poverty, diabetes and obesity. For many people in Barnesville, the cost of prescription medicines, even generics, is often prohibitive. To be able to pay for prescriptions, many are forced to make hard choices – skip a meal, skip a bill, skip a dose. Marianne says that since she started working for Watertree Health, she has seen first hand how having the card can help. “I gave it to a friend whose brother was diagnosed with Leukemia. His medicines would have cost her more than $1200, but she got them for only $45.77 – now that’s a miracle!” WH_MVP_LOGO_web_large

Shane Power, President of Watertree Health, notes “Everyone at Watertree Health would agree – we are grateful that we have Marianne on our team. Last summer she became a member of our elite President’s Club alongside only 9 other reps. A big thank you to Marianne for her continued dedication to our mission!

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