Watertree Health MVP Spotlight: Gladys Trasorras

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Gladys Trasorras was born in Queens, NY and raised in Miami, FL. She is a loving mother to her 3-year old daughter, Brianna, and seventeen-year-old son, Nathan, who is getting ready to go to college. This December, we celebrate Gladys’ one-year anniversary with Watertree Health® along with her accomplishment as MVP. She has risen to the top of the company faster than most, and is fueled with passion and determination to help grant as many wishes as possible in South Florida.


Gladys went to college in Oklahoma, where she started her career in television. From there, she worked in advertising for about eight years before joining Watertree Health. Using her natural entrepreneurial talents, she also launched her own mobile spray tanning company.

A fellow MVP and President’s Club member, Jeff Gruber, recruited Gladys. When he told her about the opportunity, she was immediately sold on the ability to make a living and impact lives by helping people afford their meds while giving back to Make-A-Wish®. The timing was perfect since there was an opening exactly where she lived in South Florida.

For over a year and a half, Trina and her husband Eric were unable to find the right person. “When we found Gladys, it was an absolute blessing,” Trina shared. “She was able to do four times as much in just 3-4 months because of her consistency and ability to relate to the community.”

“The first time I spoke to Trina, she was amazing. Her heart is so big for this cause,” Gladys said.

“It really was fate. We started talking about the spiritual side of what we do—helping people and being a blessing rather than a burden—it was an instant connection,” Trina shared.

“Meeting Trina for the first time was awesome! I’ve never had a boss that was so interested in my success. I really felt generously loved, cared for and helped. Her support has been a huge part of my ramp up and my scripts—Trina is always available to help.”

Incredibly, when Gladys started, Trina had a contest bonus for her team with a goal of 500 scripts growth. Gladys blew everyone away and ended up winning the bonus in her first couple of weeks! That’s just how passionate she is. Alongside granting wishes, witnessing what the card can do really motivates her.

One day, she was in the pharmacy and overheard a young man talking to the pharmacist about how he could not afford his $600 diabetes medication. Gladys suggested he try our card. He ended up saving $300 and everyone was incredibly thankful.

But her favorite story happened when a woman was impolitely screaming at the pharmacy technician behind the counter because her co-pay went from $0 to $100. When she used the card, it brought the prescription down to $50. Instead of walking out, she got her discounted prescription, and everyone was happy. Gladys was able to turn an ugly situation into one of gratitude by being in the right place at the right time.img_8669

Watertree Health changed my life–now I have more free time with my kids to make money and impact lives. This job is a gift I will always treasure,” Gladys shared.

The friendship and working relationship that Trina and Gladys share is truly special. Gladys has been an amazing addition to the team, adding encouragement, advice, and leadership. When Trina had a baby two months ago, Gladys was by her side.

Thank you Gladys for all you do for your family, community, Make-A-Wish, and Watertree Health. We are beyond lucky to have you on our team!

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