Watertree Health MVP Spotlight: Derek Crawley

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Derek Crawley, born and raised in Indiana, has been a Watertree Health Service Representative for almost 2 years and covers the southern part of his home state. He is also a Regional Trainer and member of the 2015 President’s Club.

Derek is an extremely friendly, likable person who not only seems to know everyone in his town, but also genuinely takes the time to GET to know them as a friend. No surprise, he’s earned the nickname “The Mayor”. This could become a reality as he’s considering running for office to further help his community. Derek has a great sense of humor, an extremely positive attitude, and most of all, is great at building & maintaining meaningful relationships.

Throughout his life, Derek has gravitated towards work that allows him to stay active and get to know people. Out of college, Derek worked in the package delivery service industry—starting at UPS and then moving to USPS. He still has friends from those days, particularly in the elderly community, and continues to check up on them when he can.

He maintains the philosophy that you should work to live, rather than live to work. “At the end of the road, people will talk about who you are, rather than what you do or did,” Derek said.

After leaving USPS, Derek worked as a marketer for a small company that provided health care services at a heavily discounted rate.

“Now I understand how insurance works. I never pay full price for anything—I learned from the industry I worked in. Most people think health insurance companies can charge anything they want without room for negotiation. But the prices always vary, and you can usually get a discount. You need to be a smart consumer.”

At Watertree Health, Derek is able to continue educating people to help them save money with our free Prescription Discount Card benefitting Make-A-Wish®.

“I like to teach people that they can ask for a discount. Some of my friends like to take me along when they purchase cars because they know I’ll get them the best price. I’ve even been known to challenge waitresses to arm-wrestling contests for free desserts. I end up paying anyway, but my daughter Amanda gets a laugh when I do that.”

Derek greatly values the freedom and flexibility that his schedule allows. “Watertree Health couldn’t be a better fit – what we do is community service and education. I like being able to help people. Plus, we’re working for both sides of the counter—we’re both pharmacy-friendly and customer-friendly.”

image2The relationships that Derek has built with pharmacists over the past 2 years have grown more meaningful and personal—ones that will last a lifetime.

“I know a lot about who they are, and they ask me about my interests, like fishing, or where I’m planning my next vacation.” However, it’s the stories about making a difference that resonate the most with Derek.

“A pharmacy technician told me a story about a young girl who had pre-natal diabetes, which her health insurance didn’t cover. She had to test her baby and herself multiple times a day. She was paying about $96 a week, or $400 a month on test strips. With our card, the strips went down to about $26. The mother-to-be cried with joy over the savings.”

We are so grateful to have someone like Derek who truly understands and embodies our mission to help others – both afford their meds and through the nonprofits we support.

WH_MVP_LOGO_web_smallSteve, Derek’s Manager, likes to say, “Derek can talk to anyone. No one is a stranger to him – just someone he hasn’t talked with yet. Everyone gets what he’s about – his cool, calm demeanor and positive attitude make him unique and extremely deserving of this MVP award.”

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