Keeping Your Child Safe In and Around Water

37305206_lWarm weather is here and kids of all ages are jumping into pools, and swimming in nearby lakes and oceans. Before you let your kids take a splash in the water, remember that even small pools may be dangerous. The chances are small, but it only takes a second for a child to inhale water and risk drowning. Consider these safety tips in and around water:

  1. Children ages 1-4 are less likely to drown if they are given swimming lessons early in life. You may especially want to consider this if you live where there are a lot of pools in your neighborhood.

  2. It is not recommended that children younger than age 1 take swimming classes due to they are not developmentally ready.

  3. If you are in the pool or hot tub with your kids, instruct them to avoid drains given they may suck hair and loose clothing, and be dangerous. Ensure your drain covers are attached. Families buying a pool might consider one with multiple drains. This reduces the suction power of each one.

  4. An adult must always be present with their toddlers in shallow pools, preferably only a few feet away. Toddlers have little self-control. If they slip into the water, they might take several quick breaths out of fear.

  5. Do not task a person you just met with watching your child.

  6. Never drink alcohol while supervising children. One sober person should watch the children swim at all times, even at large parties.

  7. Inflatable toys are not substitutes for life jackets. 

    If you have a pool at home…

  8. If your kids are younger than five, you should fence in your pool and use safety locks on the gate. The fence should be a minimum of four-feet tall and not have wide slots. Chain-link fences can also be problematic because children are great climbers, and will go up and over for a quick splash in the water.

  9. Install alarms on any doors leading into an indoor swimming pool area. If your child tries to open the door, it will alert you immediately.

  10. Never leave toys in the pool. If a young child sees a toy, it could entice them to retrieve it.

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Updated: 5/23/19

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