Use Your Passion to Give Back in 2020

By Shane Power, President of Watertree Health… 

As we enter a new decade, most people will be thinking about new goals and resolutions. This is always important, however, it’s also beneficial to reflect on the past and ask yourself, “Do I feel fulfilled? Was I living true to my values this past year? What experiences motivated me the most?” These may be difficult to answer, but they all aim towards a bigger question–what gives you a sense of purpose?

I am extremely fortunate to have my passion for health interwoven throughout my work: we help people afford their prescriptions and are deeply connected to helping communities get healthier through our nonprofit partnerships. Even if this is not the case for you, there are still opportunities to fuel your drive in many different ways. Here are some examples of how to use your passion to give back in 2020. 

Choose a cause

Think about an issue that you care about–it could be societal, environmental, health related, or something else. It should feel personal and natural based on your interests or experiences. I would bet that no matter what you choose, there is a nonprofit organization dedicated to your cause. Maybe you already have a charity in mind, but if you’re searching online for a reputable organization to support, I recommend using GuideStar or Charity Navigator. 

Volunteer your time

Once you have a cause and organization to focus on, look for ways you can become more active in their community. Look for upcoming events, information sessions, or volunteer trainings–use these opportunities to talk to other supporters and understand more about the organization. Most nonprofits will have different opportunities based on the amount of time you are able to dedicate–no commitment is too small.

Use your voice to advocate

According to Nielson, 92% of people trust their peers, which makes social media a great way to spread awareness of the organization and cause you’re passionate about. Share some facts and photos with a call-to-action for friends and followers to get involved. You may also find yourself connecting with other people that you weren’t previously aware shared a similar interest.

Organize a donation drive

If you’re too busy to volunteer, there are other ways to give back to your community. You can participate in or start your own local donation drive for items like food, coats, socks, sneakers, etc. The best placement is usually highly-trafficked locations, such as a community center, church, office building, local business, or school. Of course, you’ll want to get permission before setting up your donation box.

Volunteer your skills

Another way to get involved and give back in a meaningful way is through skills-based volunteering. This can make deep and lasting contributions to the organizations you support. It is also an opportunity to further develop your knowledge and expertise, cultivating business and leadership skills. Whether you’re an accountant, an IT expert, a visual designer or a marketer, your skills can benefit nonprofits. One resource you can use to search for opportunities is through the website All For Good.

As we move into the New Year, I would encourage everyone to think about their resolutions differently. We all have the opportunity to make a positive difference, whether that’s helping out a friend when their babysitter cancels, adding canned goods to a food drive, or committing to a more regular volunteer position. No matter what your schedule, I can promise that making time for a cause you care about and connecting with others who do the same will make 2020 an even better, more passion-filled year.

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