The Importance of Checking Rx Prices


Even with health insurance, prescription costs can build up fast. Many plans these days have a limited list of medicines that may be prescribed, pricey co-pays, or sometimes you have to meet a high deductible before your prescriptions are even covered. Take extra precautions before paying “an arm and a leg”. You could save as much as 80% with a little bit of investigative work. When filing a prescription, there are some important points to remember:

1. Retail drug prices vary by pharmacy.
Many people do not think of pharmacies as “retail” stores, but they are just like any other businesses operating within a competitive market. They set retail prices based on the wholesale prices and what they think their customers will pay, and generate a profit. It’s likely that you compare the price of toiletries from pharmacy to pharmacy; shopping for medications should follow the same routine. Ask your pharmacist to match the lowest price you find.

2. There may be less expensive generic or over-the-counter versions of your medication.
Ask your doctor if there is a generic version of your prescription, and if it is right for you.  It may also be available over-the-counter (OTC); look for the cheaper generic option. You should know that the Watertree Health Prescription Discount Card offers savings on many OTCs, if you have a signed prescription for them. 

3. Medicine offered online is often cheaper.
However, beware of fake online pharmacies. Go to to check if an online store is legitimate; also look for the NABP VIPPS seal. Google your drug’s name plus “discounts” to see if any online coupons, discounts and rebate offers are available. The downside to buying online is that you can’t talk to the pharmacist about intended effects, drug-drug interactions, etc.

4. Find the lowest price on your prescription before you even leave the house. Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 4.12.27 PM
Watertree Health’s Greatest Prescription Savings (GPS) tool allows you to look up the most up-to-date prescription savings with our card, at a pharmacy near you. Click “Check Rx Savings” at the top of this page or visit:

Remember, if you or someone you know needs help affording their prescriptions, click on the “Get Your Free Card” link or text CARD to 95577. The card is available to everyone at any time. For more information about how the free Prescription Discount Card works, check out our video: .

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