The Harsh Consequences of Rising Drug Prices

By Shane Power, President of Watertree Health

A recent survey by Consumer Reports sheds light on the rise in drug prices over the past year and its negative impact on consumers.

From a poll of 1,037 adults in America, 33% reported paying an average of $39 more out-of-pocket for their regular prescription medication and 10% were paying as much as an extra $100 compared to last year. Among the drugs that saw the highest increases were those prescribed for chronic conditions including asthma, high blood pressure and diabetes, which went up by more than 10%.

blood pressure, diabetes, and asthma medication prices rose 10% compared to last year

As a result of this “sticker shock”, one in five skipped scheduled doses and one in four stopped getting their prescriptions filled.

These stats are alarming. However, you should know that they don’t take into account the potentially high number of hand-written prescriptions that don’t even make it into the system at the pharmacy and, therefore, get counted in the “unfilled” category. We believe that many people don’t bother dropping their prescription off at the pharmacy because they assume they can’t pay for it, making the number of unfilled prescriptions even higher than reported.

WH_GPS_logo_SM_webThis is why we created the Greatest Prescription Savings℠ (“GPS”) tool—to show people that they can afford to get their prescription filled at their favorite pharmacy, with the Watertree Health Prescription Discount Card. To use the GPS, consumers simply enter the name of their prescription and zip code at Here they’ll find their pharmacy on the list of results. If they don’t have a card already, they can get one on this website.

With our GPS tool and free prescription discount card, it is our goal to help reduce the high number of prescriptions unfilled due to cost, help people continue taking their medications as prescribed, and help improve the cycle of health for people in America.

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