Sylvi, 10, metabolic disorder

I wish to stay in a treehouse in Maine

Sylvi Wish Kid

Sylvi, 10, was born with a rare disease that keeps her on a very regimented schedule.

“She needs a continuous supply of glucose every three hours for her body to function, including at night when she sleeps,” said Sylvi’s mom, Blair. “The best way to describe it is that her liver is like a pantry full of food, but she doesn’t have the key to access it, and missing a single dose of her medicine can lead to seizures or even a coma.”

All the required medical attention can easily make Sylvi feel trapped, but one thing has always brought her a feeling of peace—escaping to the great outdoors.

“I love animals and watching shows about nature,” said Sylvi. “I was watching a show about treehouses and saw one that was so cool that I decided I would wish to go there.”

This enchanting place, connected by swinging bridges and overlooking the ocean near Georgetown, Maine, was more amazing than Sylvi could have ever imagined. Her wish trip also included fun activities like fishing, zip-lining, and a visit to a wildlife rehabilitation park.   

“Maine is so different from Arizona. It was so cool,” said Sylvi. “I was so excited to stay in the treehouse and to do all the extra things Make-A-Wish® planned for me!”

Now that she’s back in Arizona, Sylvi uses the memories of her treehouse as a peaceful place to focus on during treatment.

“The last time Sylvi was hospitalized she was much calmer,” said Blair. “I asked her what she was thinking about and she said, ‘I was imagining myself in the treehouse.’  This whole experience has helped her because the treehouse has become a sanctuary for her. It really speaks to the power of a wish.”

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