Stephanie, 18, hematologic disorder

I wish to go on a Mediterranean cruise100TH WISH BADGE


After receiving a diagnosis of aplastic anemia, Stephanie realized more than ever that she wanted to accomplish everything she ever dreamed of doing. She shared with Make-A-Wish, “I realized more than ever that life is fragile and how precious time was.”Southern Florida_Stephanie at MAW

After her bone marrow transplant, she became incredibly close to her brother, as he was the bone marrow donor. When Make-A-Wish asked her what her most heartfelt wish was, she responded without hesitation: “I just want to see the world, experience other cultures and educate myself more, and to travel alongside my family would mean the world to me. After all, they are the most important people in my life.”

Southern Florida_Stephanie at Trevi FountainOf course, Stephanie knew she had to be more specific about where she wanted to go in the world, and decided a Mediterranean cruise would be the ideal family vacation – giving her the opportunity to experience different sites and cultures alongside those who matter most to her.

Stephanie’s wish came true the moment she arrived in Marseille, France with her family. Marseille was the port of embarkation before setting sail on her 7 night/8 day adventure. Stephanie said, “I pinched myself every time we arrived to a new destination.” The itinerary included five stops: Barcelona, Spain; Naples/Pompeii, Rome, and Livorno, Italy; and finally Cannes, France.

Stephanie and her family had the time of their lives. She said they had so many favorite moments, from strolling the cobblestone streets and eating gelato in Florence, to feeling glamorous while taking in the sites of the French Riviera, to eating spaghetti in Rome. The most memorable moment for Stephanie was when she saw the Trevi Fountain.

Southern-Florida_Stephanie-in-Pisa“When I saw the Trevi Fountain, I cried from happiness. Knowing that I finally got to see it in real life and going from a dream to a reality brought me to tears… It was a once in a lifetime trip that I will always remember and be grateful for. Thank you Make-A-Wish and everyone who helped make my wish come true.”

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