Step Up on Social Issues

By Shane Power, President of Watertree Health… 

There was a great article in the August 29, 2017 issue of The New York Times titled: “No Politician, Apple’s Chief Says Step Up.” Tim Cook stated that government isn’t working at the speed that it once was, so businesses and all other areas of society need to step up.

This piece reminded me of how my family and basketball coaches shaped who I am and how I lead my life today, as a servant leader. They were, and continue to be, wonderful role models who inspired me to positively contribute to my community by stepping up and making it a better place for those around me.  I learned, if other people’s needs are being met, we all win.

As my coaches said, “You don’t have to go pro in your sport, but you do have to be productive in society.” 

When I started working, I sought out jobs where there clearly were servant leaders—where every person was valued and treated with respect. My bosses were selfless mentors who helped me grow personally and professionally. Imparting a servant leadership philosophy amongst the group made us work harder together and achieve greater goals.

Now, as president of Watertree Health, I actively aim to create an even stronger servant leadership culture. I am proud to say that we don’t have an annual day of service, but rather, through our business actions, we serve the people in our communities every day. This has come to define us as a servant company that judges business initiatives on the social issues we can address, not just on profit. Our team of servant leaders continue to grow stronger because we are inspired by a purpose that ripples beyond ourselves.

I wholeheartedly agree with Apple’s Chief Executive Tim Cook that companies should step up on social issues in their communities. By doing so, we won’t just live together, we will THRIVE together.

Shane Power and Team at the Global Leadership Summit 2017

(From left): Steve Ruhlman, Brad Sells, Shane Power, Trina Burgess, Anita Dameron at the Global Leadership Summit 2017


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