Shane, 13, congenital spine defect

I wish to go to Australia

shane 1

Shane is a 13-year-old boy from Bradenton, Florida battling a congenital spine defect. Although he isn’t able to be too active outside, he LOVES spending time with his family watching Netflix, playing video games, and editing/producing homemade videos on his phone and computer. Shane loves pizza, hamburgers, and his favorite movie, Finding Nemo, which inspired his wish!

Shane’s heartfelt wish was to go to Australia, and thanks to Make-A-Wish, it came true!

shane 3To start off his trip, Shane and his family were picked up by a limousine and escorted to the airport like celebrities! The trip there was very, very long, but they had a lot of fun experiences when they arrived in Australia and were welcomed by a Make-A-Wish Volunteer named Barry.

With his family, Shane toured the famous Opera House, and said that the Great Barrier Reef was everything that he had hoped for and more!

He and his family were treated like royalty the entire time! Shane even got to hold a koala and see a kangaroo up close—a dream of his for so, so long!

Shane and his family had an amazing trip that they will never forget. They loved getting to spend time with each other in an atmosphere unlike any they’ve ever experienced. It was a chance to forget about Shane’s illness for a while.

Thank you for making Shane’s dream trip a reality for him and his family!


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