Salimatou, 5, cancer

I wish to go to the Florida theme parks


Swimming, ice cream and princesses. That’s the best way to sum up 5-year-old Salimatou’s wish. She has been battling cancer and wished to go on a trip that would incorporate some of her favorite things.

Salimatou loves princess cartoons and movies. For her wish, she traveled to Florida so she could interact with popular characters. She had breakfast with a real princess, went swimming at the hotel pool and ate ice cream every single day. Her mom, Mambey, said that the trip has helped her to deal with all she’s been through.

Her wish was so much more than they could have imagined. Salimatou now has something amazing to look back on. Mambey said that the wish trip made her little girl very happy and, “Happiness makes everything better.”

Metro NY_Salimatau

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