Put Together Your Winning Resolutions Team

By Shane Power, President of Watertree Health

New-Years-2018---Watertree-Health-FINALHappy 2018! By now you may know that, at Mississippi State University, I was a member of the All-SEC Men’s basketball team. After college, I played professionally for Italy’s Top Division, Teramo Basket and Reggio Calabria. All of this would not have been possible without discipline. Yes, you need self-discipline but a team can provide even better discipline.

So, if your New Year’s resolution is to start a new workout routine or have a healthier diet—or both—don’t go at it alone. Put together your winning team. Recruit family members, colleagues and friends. You may also want to consider tapping into your Facebook or other social community.  It’s okay to have some online support, but you also want to have in-person interactions.

Once you have your team, start establishing goals for exercise and diet. Be realistic and set small achievable ones like the following:

Most Importantly, set up a buddy system. Eat or exercise with a team member (or even better, members). Not only will you encourage and hold one another accountable, but you will also enjoy the company.

Eat fresh vegetables and fruits. If prepackaged foods and ingredients are necessary, carefully read the nutrition labels to find the healthiest options. You might be surprised to discover what is lurking in prepared foods: high fat, high sodium, high sugar, preservatives, and artificial colors.

Whenever possible, walk. Allot extra time so you can walk to a nearby destination rather than drive your car. Choose to park far away from the entrance to a store or mall. Also, use the stairs versus the elevator.

Right-size. Try to always have a serving that is the size of your palm—that’s the correct portion. Maybe order an appetizer instead of a full entrée. Don’t force yourself to finish a large dinner, instead, save half for tomorrow’s lunch.

Exercise at the beginning of the day. It will give you an energy and mood boost for the day. And, you’ll probably skip fewer workouts because there’s less likelihood that the day will get in the way of your plans.

Try not to use refined sugar. Consider using sweeteners such as sorghum syrup or neutral-tasting agave nectar. Include in your diet complex carbohydrates such as squash, corn, and beans because these will release glucose into your blood gradually instead of spiking your blood sugar.

Pick an activity that you enjoy. Try a few different options. You may not like walking, but you may love biking. Not only will you look forward to exercising, you’ll be more consistent.

Always eat breakfast. As they say—breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It will help you with concentration, higher levels of memory, and attention span.

Changing lifestyle habits is not always easy, especially trying to do it on your own. That’s why it’s so helpful to have a team that can provide much-needed support and that will have your back. Here’s to winning at the resolutions game with your team!


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