“Can I Use a Prescription Discount Card if I Have Insurance?”

Continuing Series: Questions From Consumers

Yes you can, but our discounts can’t be combined with those from insurance to reduce the price. Our free Prescription Discount Card can help you save money when your insurance doesn’t cover a prescription, and sometimes the discounted price is lower than your co-pay.

Here are 2 Steps to Rx Savings:

  1. Present your Prescription Discount Card* & insurance card to the pharmacist when you’re filling a prescription.

  2. Ask them to check the price with both cards—so you always pay the lowest amount.

If you’re a senior on Medicare and in the “donut hole”, our card can be used to get discounts on medications that are temporarily not covered. (Of course, year-round our card can help you save money on prescriptions not paid for by Medicare.) Please contact your plan administrator to check and see if the discounted prices will or will not be applied to help you get out of the “donut hole”.

Our card provides discounts on thousands of brand name and generic medications prescribed for conditions such as: acne, weight loss, blood pressure, pain relief, allergies and much more.

wh_gps_logo_web-11-2Because prescription pricing changes often, use our Greatest Prescription Savings (“GPS”) price-lookup-tool to see how much you’ll save on prescriptions at your favorite pharmacy.

*If you left your Prescription Discount Card at home, just text CARD to 95577 to receive one instantly.
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