Philip, 18, cancer

I wish to have an ATV 

South Carolina_Philip's Wish Story_Draft_031717

Philip is an active 18-year-old who loves to be outside with his friends and adventure around his property. Philip thought about his wish for a while before narrowing it down to two ideas. One was an ATV that he had been wanting for a long time so that he could go riding with his friends. The second was a trip to either Europe or somewhere tropical. After much deliberation, Philip decided that he wanted the ATV. He knew that it would be something that he could use for years to come.

Since being treated for his cancer, Philip has not been able to be out with his friends as much as he would like, doing the things that he loves. He decided that the ATV would allow him to spend more time with his friends on the trails that they often ride on. He also loves the freedom it gives him to be outside and enjoys being connected to those who have been a big support during his treatment.

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