Our Representatives: A Force for Good

By Shane Power, President of Watertree Health

page 1 leftYesterday, someone asked me a great question: “What gets a team member recognized at Watertree Health?” The best way to get praise in this company has been the same since Matt Herfield founded Watertree Health…provide a high quality of service to your fellow team members, the company, and most importantly, the people in your community who need help paying for their medicines.

Today, I want to recognize the hard work our Representatives do to build healthier communities. It is truly rare to have a “service” force of “helping personalities” who are making an impact locally. Because of their dedication to our mission, we are able to help even more people afford their prescriptions and get healthier. 

It is reported that 1 in 4 people struggle to pay for their medications in the United States. Our Watertree Health Representatives are going to help change that harrowing statistic. Therefore, it is our objective to have a Rep in every community in the United States within 3 years. So, why might it take 3 years? Although strength in numbers is important, what’s more important is finding the right people who are dedicated to our mission and are looking to be a force of good in their area.

There are Reps who have gone above and beyond in their communities to provide a high quality of service, and embody the helping-culture of our company every day. That’s why we started programs such as the President’s Club (PC) and MVP Club. This year, the 31 President’s Club members were challenged to bring at least one like-minded individual to the PC next year. I would also like to challenge every Rep in this company to find people who want to join in our mission. By building the strongest team possible at Watertree Health, we can build even stronger communities with the cycle of health improved for everyone.

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