Navigate to Greatest Prescription Savings

By Shane Power, President of Watertree Health

WH_GPS_logo_webSusan Tompor’s recent column (“RX: Can free discount cards offer savings?”) highlighted comparison shopping as one of the best ways for consumers in Detroit to answer the question “can I save money on my medications?” However, we think the bigger question that should be addressed is “can I afford this medication?” Many people don’t even go to the pharmacy to drop off prescriptions because they assume they won’t be able to pay for them. Further, according to recent research, 1 in 4 people don’t pick up their prescriptions due to cost.

Instead of going from pharmacy to pharmacy or calling around to determine the price of a medication, we have another option: the Watertree Health GPS. It’s an online tool that helps locate the Greatest Prescription Savings on your medications in your local community. Simply entering a zip code and a drug name provides a list of discounted prices at pharmacies near you, and the savings you’ll achieve with the Watertree Health Prescription Discount Card.

Too many people in Detroit do not fill or pick up their prescriptions at the pharmacy because of steep costs—resulting in their cycle of health not improving. The Watertree Health GPS and Prescription Discount Card can help address this issue and show people with or without insurance that medications can be affordable.

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