Watertree Health MVP Spotlight: Jeff Shellito

me-brot-kitty_smallContinuing Series…

Jeff Shellito, who lives in Los Angeles, has been a Watertree Health® Representative for almost 4 years. This January, we’re celebrating this milestone and recognizing him as MVP! Not only has he become one of the top 10 Reps, but he has also grown his passion for helping people afford their medications and helping our nonprofit partners while doing so.

Prior to joining Watertree Health, Jeff was a Sales Manager for about nine years. In the past, he’s gravitated towards working independently, so when he came across an ad for Watertree Health, the job seemed to fit his preferred work style perfectly. After talking with his soon-to-be manager John, he decided to give it a try.

“John and I hit it off right away. He and Kevin (San Diego Rep and now, Regional Trainer for Southern California) are the ones that got me to believe in what I was doing. If it weren’t for all of their support and encouragement, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I now look at John and Kevin as brothers of mine.”

Despite the heavy L.A. traffic, Jeff has been able to make a big difference in his community with our card.

“I’ve been amazed by the power of one little card. People often tell me that it has the best savings and has made a big difference in their lives. It’s really awesome and encouraging to know that.”

me-thumb-up_colorFor Jeff, the highlights of working for Watertree Health are the freedom, independence, and nonprofit programs. By making his own schedule, he’s able to visit friends and family when he wants.

“It’s a great feeling to help grant wishes for Make-A-Wish® and help vulnerable animals by supporting the ASPCA®. I feel good about the money that I’m making.” Jeff shared.

When Kevin spoke about Jeff’s secret to success, he said, “Jeff’s tenacious and determined in a laid-back fashion. We all can learn and grow, but he has a great handle on what he needs to do to build his area.”

Jeff’s complete understanding of the card’s usefulness and how it works is one of his keys to success. He’s come a long way from the beginning; he’s given his community the chance to believe in the card, and now they do. “It’s a nice feeling to be accepted,” Jeff said.

me_editTo close 2016, Jeff hit a major milestone for the West Coast, making him the first person to break over 300 scripts per sales calendar unit in his territory. Nearly half of his December growth is attributed to his commitment to our program benefitting the ASPCA and the animal lovers who support it. Plus, his growth in 2016 is among the highest of any seasoned Rep in the Company.

Thank you Jeff for your incredible commitment over the past 4 years; your positive attitude and outlook are going to carry you even further in 2017! As you said, “It’s going to be a good year!” Watertree Health is grateful to have you on our team serving your community and the nonprofits we all passionately support.

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