Matthew, 11, degenerative neurological disease

I wish to go on a camping and biking experience

For Linda, talking about her son Matthew’s wish was emotional. Holding back tears, she said, “There are no words for what this meant. There are just no words.” 
Eleven-year-old Matthew has a degenerative disease of the nervous system. His wish was to do his two favorite things: camping and biking.

Matthew enjoyed every moment with his dad on their bicycle built for two. He loved every second in the water, made possible by a water wheelchair. Linda said everything was just perfect. “It was unbelievable. My other son had fun too, just as much fun as Matthew did.”

Linda said the experience renewed her faith in mankind. “Everyone kept saying, ‘What more can we do for you?’ when they had already done so much. Experiencing the compassion of total strangers makes you see the good in everybody. This was life changing.”

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