Makenzie, 16, genetic disorder

I wish to have a camper

Makenzie's Wish
Wish kid Makenzie is a bright and creative young lady who has a deep love for her family. With such a spunky personality, it is difficult to believe that Makenzie has faced so many hardships growing up. She was born with a genetic disorder that has resulted in extensive medical and physical difficulties. The complexities of her condition also make it very challenging for her to travel. According to Makenzie’s mom, not being able to travel with her siblings upsets her because she likes to have everyone together, and she does not like to be left out. In order for Makenzie to join her siblings when they travel, she wished to have a camper that would make her feel right at home no matter where they go.

To celebrate the reveal of her new camper, a party was held in Makenzie’s honor at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. With camping essentials and gifts provided by local businesses in Concord, North Carolina, Makenzie and her family had everything they needed for a fun camping getaway. The camper, with a beautiful black and white exterior, was the perfect size for Makenzie and her family. From the moment she stepped inside, she did not want to leave it! One of Makenzie’s favorite parts of the camper was the tire cover in the back that read “Home Is Where You Park It.”

Makenzie’s wish is one that truly keeps on giving. With the new camper, Makenzie and her family have the opportunity to go on countless adventures together and make memories that will last a lifetime. After the wish, Makenzie’s mom said, “We are truly overwhelmed with everything everyone did to make the moment special for Makenzie, as well as her siblings. We are looking forward to our first experience in the camper!”

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