Mackenzie, 19, congenital hypoplastic left heart syndrome

I wish to have a bedroom makeover

Mackenzie's Wish Story
Mackenzie is a 19-year-old from San Antonio who suffers from congenital hypoplastic left heart syndrome, which affects the normal blood flow through the heart and causes the left half to not function. Because of her poor blood circulation, Mackenzie becomes tired and winded easily.  She also deals with scoliosis but has undergone surgery to straighten her spine and help with poor circulation. Mackenzie aspires to be a fashion designer one day and needs her own space to let her creativity flow freely, so this teen had her sights set on a whimsical bedroom makeover.

With the help of the Make-A-Wish® team, Mackenzie’s bedroom was transformed into a white, floral daydream. Elegant mirrors, dazzling chandeliers, fancy chairs and a cozy window seat all came together to make her teenage princess room come to life. But the excitement of her wish didn’t stop there. Make-A-Wish connected Mackenzie with fashion designer and San Antonio native, Marisol Deluna. Mackenzie now goes twice a week to the Marisol Deluna Foundation to learn to create and sew her own designs, getting her even closer to her dream of being a fashion designer! After high school graduation next year, Mackenzie will be taking classes full time at the foundation

Mackenzie currently attends KIPP University Prep, but due to all her health issues and frequent hospital stays, she won’t graduate high school until the age of 20. But she doesn’t let this get her down. Being connected to the Marisol Deluna Foundation has opened Mackenzie’s eyes to all of the available opportunities that will get her one step closer to achieving her dream.

Mackenzie’s mom, Tiffany, Mackenzie’s mom,, says, “She constantly has aches and pains, but her good attitude would never let you know.” Tiffany says she admires her daughter’s determination saying, “Mackenzie defies all odds. Anything you tell her she can’t do, she will do it 10 times better than anyone else.”

Mackenzie is excited to have her own space to relax and be herself. She’s a true warrior and says her diseases are easy to fight because she has been through so much already. Mackenzie says, “Even though I have this condition, I have hope through the people that help me every day.”

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