In Loving Memory of David B. Price


Watertree Health® remembers David B. Price, an outstanding Service Rep, who passed away on October 26, 2016 at Memorial Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida. He was a loving husband to Elaine Price, with whom he had five children and seven grandchildren.

Thank you to Elaine Price for her incredible strength and determination, carrying on the work that they shared: helping people afford their medications, while helping grant wishes. In honor of David’s memory, Watertree Health granted Grayson’s wish to go on a Caribbean cruise. This was one of many wishes made possible by David’s mission-driven focus. With his passing, the Price Family requested that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to the Make-A-Wish® Central & Northern Florida chapter. They were touched by the generous amount of donations.

Central & Northern Florida was one of three pilot chapters that launched the program benefitting Make-A-Wish. Although they had a little head start, they have maintained receiving the most donations out of all 62 chapters, translating to 35 of the 230 wishes granted total. David’s efforts had a major impact on that success and played a large role in helping bring hope, strength, & joy to children with critical illnesses through those wishes.

Thank you Elaine for opening up about David to share what an amazingly giving person he was with our company and community.

David, from Detroit, followed in his father’s footsteps and began his career in the printing industry. His journey continued when his path led him Florida, where he started a career with Denny’s restaurant and met his future wife Elaine.

After a lengthy career with Denny’s, David no longer wanted to be away from home due to travel. He returned to the printing industry and worked as District Sales Manager for USA Today. There he met T.J. Trahey, who introduced and referred David to Watertree Health.

13509007_10209826070996836_5675389563015030072_n“When he first started [with Watertree Health], he said, ‘Wow, I can’t believe that I can do something like this because it’s such a win-win.’ He always wanted to help people, but with work and family, it was hard to find time. He had planned to dedicate more time volunteering in retirement, but now he didn’t have to wait—he was so impressed that he could help people get the medications they needed while granting wishes and earning a living,” Elaine said.

“Children were a soft spot for David. Having five kids and seven grandkids, I remember he would get very emotional reading the wish stories from our community. Those stories fueled him and encouraged him to get the word out about our card.”

As he continued working, his passion grew stronger and stronger. His hard work paid off, landing him in the elite President’s Club amongst the top 10% of the company. David preached to his children and grandchildren the importance of having good character, as he himself lived everyday by exemplifying honesty, integrity, hard work, loyalty and always giving 100%.

Eric Burgess, Trina Burgess, Marianne King, Amy Heard, Kari Kircher, Mercy McCusker, Wayne Dalton, Candy Sleight, Lee Waid, Shane Power, Noelle Maloney, Midge Edmond, and David Price

Eric Burgess, Trina Burgess, Marianne King, Amy Heard, Kari Kircher, Mercy McCusker, Wayne Dalton, Candy Sleight, Lee Waid, Shane Power, Noelle Maloney, Midge Edmond, and David Price

Shane Power, Watertree Health President, added: “Watertree Health was honored to have David and Elaine price as valued members of our team. David added immediate value to his community through our prescription discount card. His community was one of the top areas in the country in terms of increased access to their medications through our savings program. David quickly rose to become a President’s Club Member, and really touched everyone on our President’s Club Trip with his passion, enthusiasm, and outgoing personality. David was a pleasure to be around and we will be forever grateful for his impact on his community and our company.”

David’s legacy will serve as an example of what it means to truly believe in something and put all of your heart and soul into it. Thank you to the Price Family for all you have given and continue to give back to your community and Make-A-Wish.

In honor of David B. Price.

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