Lizeth, 17, leukemia

I wish to have a quinceañera-style sweet 17 birthday party

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Lizeth was healthy and active growing up until her freshman year of high school. She began to feel tired and sick, and when she fainted at home, an ambulance brought her to the ER where blood tests revealed that Lizeth had leukemia. She began treatment and has thankfully been responsive to the medications.

When she was diagnosed with leukemia, Lizeth was in the middle of planning her quinceañera—plans for the celebration had to be canceled due to her treatment schedule. Now that she is recovering, Lizeth used her wish to have the quinceañera-style birthday party that she had always dreamed of. 

When the day arrived for Lizeth’s party, she received the royal treatment with hair and makeup. While music played, she walked into the hall escorted by her dad in her beautiful sparkling dress, surrounded by friends and family.

For Lizeth, the experience of a wish allowed her to reclaim some of the elements of being a teenager that her battle with leukemia has taken away. She was able to have the celebration she had missed and shared this important rite of passage with all of the people that love and support her.


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