Krista, 11, leukemia

I wish to see Mount Rushmore

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Krista, an active and beautiful 11-year-old girl, loves horses and spending time with her family. When Krista was diagnosed with leukemia, her family hoped she would remain strong-willed. When Krista wished to travel to Mount Rushmore, she could only imagine what would be in store for her and her family–maybe she would  get to ride a horse! With the help of Make-A-Wish, all of Krista’s desires were fulfilled, above and beyond what was imagined.

In August, Krista and her family traveled to South Dakota courtesy of Make-A-Wish®. With a packed itinerary, Krista became curious of what was to come. Her mother recalls the amount of sheer excitement on Krista’s face as she watched her daughter catch the first glimpse of George Washington’s profile as they rounded the corner of Mount Rushmore. Krista and her family, so fascinated by the giant sculpture, decided to return to the mountainside a second time later that same day. With the help of their tour guide who had grown close with the family, Krista was able to achieve a once-in-a-lifetime experience as she personally lit up the faces of our former presidents as dusk fell. Special moments like this made the trip feel completely catered and tailored to Krista, even when it was just the generosity of the locals.

For Krista, her experience was memorable and beyond-compare. It showed her that being sick can’t stop her from conquering anything that is in her path. For years to come, Krista and her family will look back on their trip to Mount Rushmore and be able to recall the happiness and excitement they felt during their time together. Krista herself describes her trip and experiences in three simple words, the “best thing ever!”

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