Kinsey, 16, acute lymphoblastic leukemia

I wish to work with the Maui Humane Society

Alaska&Washington_Kinsey's Wishimg
One of Kinsey’s favorite moments of her wish trip was playing with the dogs at the beach. The Maui Humane Society allows people to take prospective dogs out for the day to the beach, to play in the water and enjoy their time with them. Kinsey’s wish brought her so much joy—bonding with the dogs and helping with an advocacy event.

“This was our family’s first opportunity to travel without having to worry about everything,” said Kinsey’s mom, Ashley. “The meals, transportation, views, and everything were a great way to move away from crisis towards comfort … I truly cannot describe how amazing Make-A-Wish is and the amount that they provided for our family.”

This wish gave Kinsey and her family time away from the realities of doctor appointments and hospital stays. It gave her an opportunity to take an adventure with her family and see places in Maui she never thought she’d have the chance to visit. The memories that Kinsey and her family made during their time in Maui will hold a special place in their hearts for many years to come!

Thanks to the support of Watertree Health, this wish will provide Kinsey and her family with a lifetime of memories as well as the hope, strength, and joy to keep on fighting!

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