Kadin, Recipient, 8-Years-Old & Free of Dialysis

Kadin_squareAt only 5 days old, Kadin had his first of many surgeries—one which made it possible to take him home for daily dialysis treatments—and ultimately keep him alive. At less than a year old, he received his first kidney transplant, a gift from his father. 

Unfortunately, this wasn’t his last.

Four years later, he displayed signs of rejection and was forced to resume dialysis treatments at the age of seven. More than a year later, he received a “second chance” and another kidney from his mom.  But during a routine clinic visit, he was admitted to the hospital with high blood pressure and immense pain. After only 21 days, Kadin lost his second kidney.

This was a major setback for Kadin and his family. He needed both physical and emotional healing to look ahead because the incredible fight wasn’t over. He soon received his third transplant from the mother of his best friend, Mason. Having known Kadin since he was five years old, it was something she knew she was called to do.

Though still in and out of the hospital since the transplant, Kadin is overjoyed to be free of dialysis treatments. No one knows what the future holds, but thanks to the unwavering support of loving friends and the extended National Kidney Foundation family, he and his family have been able to keep going.


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