Jonathan, 11, leukemia

I wish to go to Hawaii

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After contemplating several different ideas, Jonathan, 11, knew that what he would love more than anything was a trip to Hawaii with his family. Once he decided on his wish, Jonathan occupied much of his time not thinking about his next treatment, but rather, imagining all the possible activities he could do there. He began dreaming of hiking to see wildlife, taking a helicopter ride over a volcano, seeing new kinds of fish, visiting the boats at Pearl Harbor and swimming with the dolphins.

Finally, Jonathan’s wish day arrived.  His mother said when the huge limo arrived at their home, it set the tone of the whole trip.  On their long journey from New York to Hawaii, Jonathan was even invited into the cockpit to meet the pilots.   

His time in Hawaii was filled with all the activities he had dreamed about for so long. Because of all the extra attention he received while visiting Pearl Harbor, Jonathan exclaimed: “I’m so cool!” His VIP status provided a unique opportunity most people will never experience.

During his helicopter tour, Jonathan had a GoPro® camera in one hand and was taking pictures with his phone in the other.  He sat right next to the pilot as they covered the entire island of Oahu.  His footage was then compiled into a video, so Jonathan could look back on his wish experience and the gorgeous scenery he saw that day.

Jonathan and his family also snorkeled private coves on the island and swam with dolphins. This experience was particularly special for him, because his illness had prevented him from going to any public beaches or pool. They loved the water so much, the day they were to return home, the family woke before the sun and took one last snorkel in Hanauai Bay.

From the volcanoes and dinner cruises to the relaxing moments watching the waves crash onto the shore, Jonathan’s wish experience was more than he could have ever dreamed of. He is forever grateful.

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