Jarrett, 18, Friedriech’s ataxia genetic disease/neurological disorder

I wish to go on a Caribbean cruise

Wish kid Jarrett alongside cruise captain

Jarrett is an 18-year-old boy who loves an adventure out in the open. He likes warm weather, swimming, zip-lining and has always wanted to see a volcano! Better yet, he loves doing all of these things with his family by his side. It was no surprise to anyone in his family when he told Make-A-Wish® volunteers that he wished to go on a Caribbean cruise. Now Jarrett and his family had the chance to do exactly that on a cruise to Belize, Mexico, and Honduras!

  Jarrett Strader and family

To start off his trip, Jarrett and his family were escorted to the ship in a limo. He and his siblings got to enjoy a ton of fun activities on the ship and on all the island stops. Jarrett says he will always cherish these memories.

Jarrett and his family had an amazing trip that they will never forget. His mom says they were treated like VIP’s! They loved getting to spend time with each other in an atmosphere unlike any other they’ve ever experienced – and it gave them the chance to forget about Jarrett’s illness for a while.

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