Jakob, 14, life-threatening skeletal disorder

I wish to go to the headquarters of Activision (makers of Call of Duty video game)


Eastern NC_Jakob (14)Around the age of 7, Jakob was diagnosed with a rare skeletal disorder that affects the cartilage in his body. There is no known cure for his condition, which leads to several other issues involving his respiratory and circulatory systems.

Because of his condition, Jakob is a quiet, somewhat shy fourteen-year-old who loves video games. When selecting his wish, it was no surprise that it would be to visit the makers of one of his favorite games, Call of Duty.

Eastern NC_Jakob (12)For Jakob’s wish, he and his family traveled to Santa Monica, home of video game publisher Activision. Upon arriving at th e offices everyone had to sign nondisclosure agreements because they would be seeing some game development that had not yet been released to the public.

Jakob walked through the hallways and observed the history of his favorite games. He impressed the staff with his knowledge and would get an opportunity to showcase his gaming skills in a series of competitions. He quickly proved to be the best gamer in the room, leaving everyone in awe.Eastern-NC_Jakob-(3)

To remember his Activision visit, Jakob received special posters, t-shirts, hoodies, caps and a mini-fridge that had been signed by the Call of Duty team members. Jakob was amazed by the entire experience and the generosity shown by the staff, which moved his mom to tears. It was truly a day that Jakob would never forget.

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