Jaden, 15, brain tumor

I wish to go to the Bahamas

Jaden and her family at the beach

Jaden is a 15-year-old girl whose one true wish was to go to the Bahamas.  Even with limited ability to verbally communicate due to her brain tumor, Jaden clearly communicated to the volunteers that she wanted to swim with the pigs and the nurse sharks!

One of their six days in the Bahamas featured a boat excursion to Rose Island where Jaden and her family were able to feed and interact with nurse sharks, sea turtles, and pigs. Jaden floated in the water with help from her dad while her sibling snorkeled with the fish. Jaden has limited movement and is non-weight bearing, so there were some activity limitations, but she still had the time of her life!

The family also visited Atlantis where an “accessible” dolphin swim and adventure had been arranged for Jaden. She loved every minute of it and said it was her favorite part of the wish experience.  During the rest of the trip, the family enjoyed spending time together on the beach in a cabana.  

Jaden and her family had an amazing time in the Bahamas!  Her mom shared that Jaden loved being outside on the beach so much that it was hard to get her to go inside and take a break!

 Jaden in the Bahamas

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