Jackson, 17, cystic fibrosis

I wish to go fishing

Eastern North Carolina_Jackson's wish story_Final_071417
Jackson, 17, loves fishing. Diagnosed with cystic fibrosis on his first birthday, he has managed his medical condition and always strives to live life without limits. Growing up in North Carolina, Jackson spends time fishing on ponds, lakes and rivers, but had never experienced deep sea fishing. For Jackson’s one true wish, Make-A-Wish granted him an epic fishing experience—one he and his family will never forget.

Jackson’s wish took him and his family to Florida. There they took a boat out on the Atlantic and caught sailfish, mutton snappers and a few sharks. His fishing skills were really put to test when he had to put up a fight to catch a sailfish for two-and-a-half hours.  After spending the day on the water, Jackson and his family were able to take the snappers that they caught to a local restaurant that prepared the fish three different ways.

“Florida was the perfect destination for the whole family to find fun things to do,” said Jackson’s mom, Leigh. “Jackson was able to go deep sea fishing and actually catch a sailfish, which was an unbelievable experience that he will treasure forever.”

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