In the U.S., One in Eight People Struggles with Hunger

By Shane Power, President of Watertree Health… 

That’s 46.5 million people. These statistics are what led us to develop partnerships with 15 regional Food Banks. In a one-of-a-kind program that helps people save money on their prescriptions, we also help provide meals to local communities – so far, over 1.8 million meals in the span of approximately two years.  With the support of our passionate, mission-minded team, I’m sure this number will continue to grow significantly every year and we’ll be able to help more people than ever.

This program also addresses these stats – in the United States, 25% people struggle to pay for their medications. And, 31 million choose between food and medicine each year. For Food Bank clients, it’s even worse. Nearly 65% report choosing between paying for food or medicine/medical care in the past year – every month, 31% make this difficult decision.

We had to do something. No one should have to choose between basic necessities such as food and vital medications. No one should go hungry, especially children. That’s why we at Watertree Health provide everyone – including Food Bank supporters, clients and others – free Prescription Discount Cards that help fund meals for those in need.

Vice President Of Marketing & Communications of the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, Dawn Burroughs said, “We distribute Holiday Care & Share food boxes, along with fresh produce, ham and bread to families in western Oklahoma right before the holidays, and have been including the [Watertree Health] prescription discount cards in the boxes.  We also give each family a “comment card” and ask that they tell us why the food boxes are important to them.  We get many positive comments and many are extremely thankful for both the food and the cards.”

The free Prescription Discount Cards benefitting our Food Bank partners help people afford their prescriptions and address food insecurity in their communities because each time someone saves, my Company makes a donation to the local Food Bank.

Fight hunger in your community and save money on your medicines, at no effort or cost to you — it’s a win-win. Together, we can beat hunger and build healthier communities across America.

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