September is “Hunger Action Month”

happy kid eating banana fruit. healthy food eating concept.Feeding Americaa nationwide network of food banks and the nation’s leading domestic hunger-relief charity, has designated September “Hunger Action Month”. It’s part of a national initiative to help raise awareness about hunger in our communities.

A recent Hunger Study conducted by Feeding America suggested that nearly 66% of the population receiving government food assistance must regularly choose between food and medicine. Can you imagine having to make that choice for yourself or your family?

Families with children and single-parent households, particularly those headed by women, are two demographics that show the highest rates of food insecurity (at risk of hunger). Currently, there are no counties in the nation exempt from this issue.

Hunger in America is heartbreaking. However, we do have the power and the means to significantly reduce the statistics we hear about on a daily basis. Federal programs like SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) help. Food banks and other outreach programs also help in the fight against hunger. Every can, hour, and charitable donation made to one of these worthy causes can make a difference in the life of someone in need.

Interested in getting involved? Here are some of the many ways that people like you can take action:

  • Raise awareness online and through community outreach – this year, Feeding America is asking people, “What can’t you do on an empty stomach?” Write it on a plate, take a selfie, and post to your social media channels with #HungerActionMonth.
  • Volunteer your time – you can help at a food bank or other food distribution organization in your community. Find your local food bank by inputting your zip code here.

girl holding vegetablesAlso, throughout the year you can help make donations to local food banks just by using a Prescription Discount Card benefitting one of Watertree Health’s 15 regional food bank partners. Every time you save money on a prescription using one of these cards, Watertree Health makes a donation to that food bank. To get a free card benefiting one of our partner food banks, visit

One donation, one hour, and one person will make a difference. We promise! Together, we can help those in need find access to the healthy, wholesome foods necessary for strengthening immune systems, fueling growing bodies, and providing comfort.

By WHBlogger 
original: 9/10/2015 
edited: 8/29/16

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