Help Stop Animal Cruelty

By Watertree Health President, Shane Power

Today, there are millions of animals suffering from cruelty and homelessness nationwide. According to The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals® (ASPCA®), three key issues affecting animal welfare include dog-fighting rings, puppy mills, and animal hoarding. As a result of rescuing these animals, owners surrendering their pets, and other factors, 6.5 million companion animals enter shelters across America each year. Through support of animal welfare organizations like the ASPCA, we can help change millions of lives. For Prevention of Cruelty to Animals month this April, let’s discuss three ways you can help make a difference right in your community.

Volunteer at an Animal Shelter:

For example, by dedicating just a few hours a week to walking dogs at your local shelter, you’ll help better prepare these dogs for adoption. Interacting with them can help develop their social skills, which builds trust and character. Many animal shelters have foster programs that grant permission to take home furry friends with the hope of ultimately finding them a loving home

Report Animal Cruelty:

Speaking up can be a matter of life or death for animals living in horrendous conditions or with abusive owners. To ensure your safety, never approach an animal you believe may be suffering from mistreatment or enter someone’s property without permission. What you can do is write a concise report, take pictures for evidence, and get in contact with your local authorities. Keep in mind that submitting an anonymous report is an option, but those with a witness are more likely to be pursued. For more information, visit

Adopt a Shelter Animal:

Adopting can help bring immense joy into the life of a rescue animal and their new owner! It has been scientifically proven that having pets can help drastically improve your health. For example, dog owners are two times more active than non-dog owners. They can also potentially help with self-esteem, loneliness, stress, and more. Always remember, adopt don’t shop!

Let’s help give the victims of animal cruelty a deserving second chance. By volunteering at an animal shelter, reporting animal cruelty, and adopting, you can help improve the lives of animals.

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