Hay Fever: What You Never Knew

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In the past year, over 19.2 million people were diagnosed with hay fever, which is an allergic reaction to pollens and other irritants in the air. 

What Triggers Hay Fever?
The number one cause is pollen. It sets off  Other triggers may include:

  • Dust
  • Mold
  • Bugs
  • Pets

How Can I Reduce the Symptoms?
Here are some steps you can take to reduce your hay fever:

  1. Avoid cutting your grass.
  2. Never camp or spend long periods of time outside when the pollen count is high. Vacuum your house regularly.
  3. Wear sunglasses to help protect your eyes.
  4. Turn on the AC instead of lowering your windows when traveling via car.
  5. Invest in an indoor air purifier. 

Can My Hay Fever Medicine be Discounted? 
Yes, the Watertree Health Prescription Discount card can provide savings on your hay fever medications. Over-the-counter medicines may also receive a discount when presented to your pharmacist with a prescription signed by your doctor. Simply click on the “Get Your Free Card” link or text CARD to 95577. The card is available to everyone at any time. For more information about how the free Prescription Discount Card works, check out our video: wtree.us/video

You can also look up your prescription savings with our card using the wtree.us/SavingsTool. Simply provide the drug name and zip code to find the best price at a pharmacy near you. 



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Updated: 4/23/20

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