Happy Tails: Tori Finds her Match


“I figured, why not show a shelter dog that they also deserve to be cared for and loved. She’s truly one of a kind.” –Kevin T. of Brooklyn, NY.

Sweet, playful Tori was brought to the ASPCA in June by NYPD officers after she’d been found abandoned and tethered on a rooftop. Though in seemingly good health, Tori’s abandonment highlights a sad reality that we see far too often at the ASPCA: loving animals being left without a care as to how they will survive on their own.

In her time at the ASPCA, it didn’t take long for Tori’s larger-than-life personality to start shining through. She always remained energetic, loving and playful—it made you wonder, who could ever leave such a sweet dog?


Kevin T. came into the Adoption Center with his sights set on Tori. Kevin spotted her on a chance meeting when he was walking past the Adoption Center one afternoon. “I have a friend who works at the ASPCA, and I was walking by one day while she was walking Tori,” he tells us. “As soon as I saw her, I was in love” and Kevin decided then and there that he was ready to adopt.

When asked about his decision to adopt versus buying a dog, Kevin had this to say: “I decided to adopt because I thought it would be more responsible than buying a brand new puppy. So many dogs are booted out of their homes, or are in unfit homes without love. I figured, why not show a shelter dog that they also deserve to be cared for and loved.”

Kevin says that at home, Tori has really settled in. “She’s actually an extremely calm and loving dog who loves to have her tummy rubbed and cuddles every night to go to sleep!”

“When we go on walks, she knows where home is and is always eager to go back and play with all of her toys! I guess her transition was easier than anyone expected because she was finally around someone who loves her and did the most to make her feel welcome.” says Kevin.

It only takes one person to give a dog a chance at a new life.


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