“Even with my husband’s check, we barely make it.”

Published in Houston Food Bank’s “Generous Helpings

Jenny and her husband Juan are so proud of their three children, Juan, 9, Victor, 4 and little Keyla, who is now 5 months old. Juan has a steady job as a crew leader at an auto dealership car wash, but his income alone is not enough to support their growing family with the nutritious food his children really need. Especially during the winter months, when work is a bit slower.

“Even with his check, we barely make it,” Jenny says.

Due to the high cost of childcare, Jenny has chosen to stay at home and take care of Keyla until she is old enough to go to school. That means that until Juan’s work picks back up again, the family’s budget will be stretched pretty thin.

Thankfully, Jenny knows a place they can turn to in their time of need. At the Memorial Baptist Food Pantry, a partner agency of the Houston Food Bank, Jenny can pick up healthy foods like rice, beans, frozen meat, pasta and bread to feed her growing children. Jenny and Juan feel good feeding this food to their kids — these are the kinds of healthy groceries they’d be buying themselves, if they could right now.

Jenny plans on returning to the workforce when Keyla is old enough to start preschool. But for now, she’s so grateful for friends like you who help feed her children in her family’s time of need.

“Thank you!” Jenny says with a big smile.


Keyla & her mom, Jenny

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