David S., Donor, Helping a Stranger in Need

David_squareMarch 7th, 2016 was a proud day for David. He donated a kidney to someone in need. This wasn’t something he had on his bucket list. But after reading an article about his friend, Ed, needing a kidney, it made him think, “why don’t I go in to be tested?”

He contacted the hospital where his friend, Ed, was being seen and was cleared to donate a kidney six months later. However, it turned out that another friend of Ed’s also came forward to be tested. She was a better match and ended up being Ed’s donor.

It didn’t take long for David to decide to donate his spare kidney to a stranger. Sixteen months after the surgery, David is healthy and doing great.

His wife had also been tested as a donor in the past but was denied. David’s donation motivated her to get tested again, and this time, she was cleared to donate her spare kidney. They have the same attitude about living organ donation: They have two good kidneys, but only need one.

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