Darreanna, 16, Hodgkin’s lymphoma

I wish to go to Paris 

Darreannas Wish Story
Darreanna is a 16-year-old girl who loves all things fashion. This passion inspired her wish to travel to one of the fashion capitals of the world: Paris. Darreanna’s wish came true, and she got to experience it with her mom, dad and three siblings.

Their first three days were full of tours and museums, which Darreanna loved! She and her family took a train to see the Palace of Versailles. Many of their days were just spent exploring, shopping and spending quality time with each other. The most magical part of the trip was their visit to a theme park in Paris.

Darreanna’s wish experience gave her whole family a break from the tough realities that come with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Darreanna came back from Paris with more ambition than ever before. She finished writing a book she had been working on for a while and hit the ground running with her schoolwork. Darreanna’s wish to go to Paris not only helped renew her own spirit, but also the spirit of each of her family members.

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