Contact Lens Commandments

Do you know how to protect your eyes while wearing contact lenses?  Here are some habits you should consider.  Pass them along to people who just started wearing contacts or anyone else you know who wears them. 

  1. Wash your handsAlways wash your hands before touching contact lenses or your eyes. While it is rare, you can transfer harmful germs to your eyes that could severely affect your vision or lead to hospitalization.

  2. Don’t wear contacts overnight – Many people are guilty of falling asleep with their contact lenses in. Even if your contacts have been rated for occasional overnight use, you may not want to fall asleep wearing them. Every type of lens restricts airflow to the eye, and over a prolonged period of time, this restriction may cause irritation, promote bacteria growth, and keep unwanted germs within the eye that would otherwise have naturally flushed out.

  3. Change storage solution daily and container every 3 months – Don’t reuse the solution in your contact lens storage container. Empty it daily and refill before you insert your lenses. Remember to change the container every 3 months or sooner.

  4. Don’t use saliva to clean them – Even in an emergency, don’t do it. Using saliva to clean your contacts may introduce harmful bacteria into the eye area. 

  5. Carry Solution  – It’s always a good idea to carry a small bottle of solution for urgent situations. Also, if you get an eyelash or a speck of dirt under your contact, this will make it easy to wash it out.  

  6. Avoid swimming in themIt may not be fun to swim without your contacts, but getting chemical-filled or unsanitary water in your eyes may cause trouble. 

  7. Makeup and contactsYou should put your contacts in before you start to apply eye makeup, and use hypoallergenic makeup around the eyes to prevent irritation. Eye makeup should be replaced every 3 months, and should not be shared with others. Clean brushes used for eye makeup  regularly. 

  8. Wear sunglassesSome contact lenses provide UV protection, but they aren’t intended to replace sunglasses since they only cover a small portion of your eyes. 

  9. Don’t share lenses Even if a friend has the same prescription, everyone’s eyes are shaped differently and it is unsafe to put something in your eye that has not been approved by an optometrist. 

  10. Don’t rub eyes – If you wear contacts, try to avoid rubbing your eyes. You may loosen a contact, and it may get stuck in the eye and be extremely uncomfortable.

If you wear contacts, it is required that you get a vision exam at least once a year. Your physician may need to change your prescription or switch your contact lens brand based on your usage habits and your overall eye health.

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