Congratulations to our 2015 President’s Club Members!

By Shane Power, President of Watertree HealthWH_presidentclub_logo2015

The Watertree Health® President’s Club (PC) is made up of the top talent and leaders in our company, and I was privileged to spend time with them last week.

We set up this program to recognize representatives who have achieved remarkable script productivity, and who have shown their dedication and passion for our mission to help people in their community afford their medications, so they can improve their cycle of health.

This year, the 31 PC members were rewarded with a 4-day Norwegian Cruise® to the Bahamas. This trip was a way for Watertree Health to say “thank you”, honor, and reward everyone for their hard work, and give back to the representatives what they have given to Make-A-Wish®, Food Bank, and their communities.

The Watertree Health team members had a chance to meet in Miami Sunday night at The Marriot Key Biscayne, and Monday night at a party on the ship. Seeing everyone get together for the first time is always exciting and fulfilling. The bonds they’ve had over the phone were strengthened by hugs, stories, and laughs.

The first morning of the cruise, everyone gathered for a leadership meeting. The room was filled with emotion as people shared their heart-felt stories. For example, before joining Watertree Health, one of our top-performing reps in Detroit struggled to pay for basic necessities. Now, he has grown to a 6-figure income and mentors other reps in our company. One other PC rep shared, “Watertree Health has given me my life back.”

Hearing these personal stories and having the opportunity to get to know one another throughout the week has made the team stronger than ever. Talking casually at a sushi dinner, laughing at karaoke, and enjoying a cold drink on the beach were just some of the special experiences shared together.

With hearts softened and goals solidified, we said our farewells. In the end, I think everyone feels even more connected, inspired, and motivated as a team to serve the millions of people in need across the nation.

Congratulations to the President’s Club of 2015!


Pictured above:

Catherine Blake, Cheryl Borstad, Amanda Childers, Amy Heard, Kelly Harding, Kari Kircher, Susan Malicki, Noelle Maloney, Mercy McCusker, Anita Dameron, Bonnie Panagiotou, Sharon Power, Candace Sleight, Shannon Williams, William Ackerman, Kevin Cooper, Derek Crawley, Wayne Dalton, Jeffrey Gruber, Richard Hogue, Evan Lister, Ken McCune, Charles Peay III, David Price, Rich Rosen, John Schweininger, David Servente, Norman Waid Jr., Raymond Winepol

Not pictured:

Marianne King, Jeffrey Shellito

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