Christian, 15, acute lymphoblastic leukemia

I wish to have a backyard make-over

Colorado_Christian Wish Story_ Final 071417Nothing brings fifteen-year-old Christian more joy than football. Though the Colorado native loves cheering on the Denver Broncos, nothing compares to being out on the field playing football—it’s his favorite place. After being diagnosed with leukemia, Christian was sidelined from playing due to rigorous chemotherapy treatments and many hospital stays. While
receiving treatment at the hospital, a special wish came true when he learned that he would be granted a backyard makeover—a place where he and his teammates could all enjoy a meal and make endless memories together.

In December, after a short stay in the hospital, Christian returned home to a huge surprise in his backyard. What once was an old wooden patio had been transformed into an outdoor cooking dream. With the addition of a pergola, smoker, fire pit and pizza oven, Christian now had a place where he and his closest friends could all hang out.
Colorado_Christian Wish Pizza Image
“It was so important that we give Christian a fun place where he could be with his friends,” Elise, Christian’s mom, shared. “He loves to cook and we knew they would all have so much fun making pizzas together.”

With the help of a few local chefs, Christian, his family and friends celebrated the renovations with their own hand-tossed pizzas around a warm fire.

Christian is excited for all the memories to be made as he and his teammates eat and cheer on the Denver Broncos from the comfort of his own backyard.

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