Boris, 11, acute lymphoblastic leukemia

I wish to have a computer gaming system

MAW Boris with computer10.14.17
Meet Boris, an 11-year-old boy who loves playing soccer and playing with his dog. Despite his acute lymphocytic leukemia diagnosis, he has continued to do the activities he’s most passionate about. One of those activities is playing computer games. For Boris, there is no better way to spend his day than playing Minecraft, which is his favorite video game. When approached by Make-A-Wish® volunteers, it was no surprise to his family when he wished to have a new computer gaming system.

On his special wish reveal day, volunteers planned for Boris a small dinner party at his favorite restaurant, where he was surrounded by family and friends. As he enjoyed his dinner party, the volunteers were busy at his house setting up his new computer gaming system. 

When he got home, Boris could not believe his eyes. He was more than surprised when he walked into his room and saw his new system all set up and ready to go!

Boris also received free internet for an entire year!

It would allow him to enjoy his computer gaming system at the fullest. After his wish was granted, all he wanted to do was start playing on his new system!

Being surrounded by his closest friends and family on that special day and ending it with having his wish granted is something Boris and his family will forever be thankful for.

They are so grateful that his most heartfelt wish came true and will never forget the bright smile on Boris’ face when he came home.
It’s safe to say that Boris now has an infinite amount of fun with his new gaming system.

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