Benjamin, 3, neurodegenerative disorder

I wish to have a spa 

orange-county-the-inland-empire_benjamins-wish-story_final_101316Benjamin absolutely loves being in the water or at the beach and has a lot of fun playing with different textures like sand.

He has always felt the most relaxed in warm water, so his most heartfelt wish was to have his very own spa!

As soon as the spa was installed and ready to go, his mom gave him a specially made inner tube so that he could float in the water on his own. Benjamin was filled with excitement as he splashed around. His mother said, “This was the best wish he could have ever gotten, it is perfect for him!” It’s also a great way for Benjamin’s family to spend time together.

Benjamin and his family are so grateful that his most heartfelt wish came true. His family loves to see the big smile on his face whenever he is in his new spa. Having the ability to swim whenever he wants has brought him endless amounts of joy!

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