Autumn, 18, leukemia

I wish to go to Hawaii


Eighteen-year-old Autumn from Baltimore loves skateboarding, listening to music, and playing video games in her free time. After being diagnosed with leukemia, Autumn’s time in the hospital replaced her time spent on activities she enjoys. After attending a luau in Florida, Autumn was thrilled to learn Make-A-Wish® Mid-Atlantic would be granting her one true wish: to go to Hawaii and experience the real thing.

She was looking forward to spending time relaxing with her family away from the hospital. Autumn had an amazing experience attending an authentic luau and even enjoyed meeting two other Make-A-Wish families.  She also enjoyed swimming with dolphins and riding in a submarine where she was able to see many different types of fish.  Autumn and her family drove all over the island in their rental car exploring new foods and discovering new places. Upon arriving back home, all the family could talk about was moving to Hawaii!

Autumn’s wish gave her the chance to spend the quality time with her family that she missed due to her illness. Her mom shared they had an amazing experience and that there were many happy tears during the trip. Autumn was given the opportunity to take a break from the treatments, tests and hospital visits to truly relax and have fun. 

Granting wishes like Autumn’s provides children with life-threatening medical conditions hope, strength and joy when they need it most.

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