Ana, 13, cystic fibrosis

I wish to have braces

Greater Los Angeles_ Ana'sRESIZED
Ana can bring a radiant smile to anyone she meets. For her wish, Ana asked for a radiant smile of her own. She has always been a bit self-conscious about her teeth, making it difficult for her to smile comfortably. Ana’s insurance didn’t cover braces and the cost wasn’t financially possible for her family. She began to feel it was a dream out of reach. Shortly after, she learned she was eligible for a wish and a smile spread ear-to-ear.

Ana recounts how the best part of the wish was when she was first told that it was happening—it was as if her dream had finally come true. She imagined herself more confident with straighter teeth.

Now that Ana has received her braces, she radiates joy, smiles more and is much more expressive. The wish came at a time when she and her family needed it most, and now each of their days is full of positivity and motivation. At the end of the day, the wish helped Ana’s already beautiful smile shine even brighter!

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