Amelia, 7, cardiac condition

I wish to have a pop-up camper

Greater Pennsylvania & West Virginia_ Amelia's Wish Story_Draft_031717
Seven-year-old Amelia, who is diagnosed with a cardiac condition, loves to be outside and spend time with her family. Some of her favorite activities include sitting around the campfire with her family, roasting marshmallows and telling stories. When Make-A-Wish® came into her life, she thought for a long time about what she might want to wish for. She thought about how she could combine all of her favorite activities and decided that she would love to have a pop-up camper.

Volunteers, friends, and family worked together to surprise her with her brand new camper. When she first saw it and realized that it would be hers to keep, her face lit up! She ran inside to explore her fun, new hangout area. She jumped right up onto the bed with her little sister close behind her. Amelia’s smile and laughter brought joy to everyone involved in the day. She couldn’t wait to use her new camper and spend time with her family.

Granting Amelia’s wish was so much more than just giving her a pop-up camper. This gift will provide memories and adventures that the entire family will cherish forever. Wishes like Amelia’s are only possible with the help and generosity of people like you. Thank you for helping Amelia’s wish come true. 

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